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Author: room2talk

28 Feb Counselling is for you, too!

There are many taboos surrounding counselling; here are a few I've heard in the last 6 months: - People like me don't have counselling - It's only for rich people - I don't want to tell anyone my business - I'm afraid of being judged - I don't want to become...

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12 Nov Just a minute

Take a minute, just stop! Listen to the world outside, bring it closer to inside of the building you're sitting in, closer still to the room you're sitting in, closer still to the body your soul rests in. Hear your heart beat! Focus on every breath...

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06 Oct Why all the Butterflies?

Butterflies, represent metamorphosis: The process of change from the immature form to the adult form (Oxford dictionary). As we continue to change and learn about ourselves through counselling & psychotherapy, we grow stronger as adults....

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