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Shine Therapy Groups 4 Women, offers you a safe space to explore the challenges of the work life balance, while encouraging you to explore and delve into your self-compassion in order to learn, heal and grow.

Often the effect of these challenges are suppressed and interweaved with cultural imprints, beliefs and experiences; while managing a family, searching for the right partner, or pursuing a career, leading to feelings of overwhelm and inadequacy.


I work with individuals, and groups with particular interest in Culture, Identity and working through Trauma. I am passionate about encouraging you to shine with self-compassion, at times when thought you had no strength left.

It’s the year 2020, and like most, you probably had plans for the year ahead……….Look even if you didn’t, none of us could have anticipated  these unprecedented times.



Those plans do not have to be put on hold, we can still push through. So, during these uncertain times Shine aims to create a collective of shared experiences to learn and support each other. Encouraging mindfulness and awareness of your emotional needs.

Therapy Groups

Workshops (Coming Soon!)