I fold myself inside myself

You’re all around me laughing and joking. Enjoying each other’s company but not me!
You reach out to me but I don’t see or feel. I just can’t see.
I pray for invisibility!
As I fold myself inside myself.
Trying to be small.
Trying to be small, praying for invisibility so you don’t see the emptiness in my eyes, which comes as a surprise to me!
I pray that you don’t see me.
I fold myself inside myself,
Can’t reach out to you,
Don’t know what to do,
Comfortable in my meekness which is becoming my weakness.
As I fold myself inside myself,
The meekness becomes louder! Pressing my voice into mute!
Pressing into mute.
I fold myself inside myself,
Comfortable in my silence as your muffled voices taint my peace and quiet.
Quiet. Quiet.
Shhh it’s so quiet.
As I fold myself inside myself,
Mmm so cosy,
Just me,
Mmmm so cosy just be,
Mmmm so cosy I can’t see .., you, 
Don’t want to be with you,
Just want to fold myself inside myself,
Mmmm the comfort of invisibility.💫
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