I love this testimony!

I love this testimony:
Do not dwell deal✨
Do not put a full stop where God hasn’t
Do not dwell deal✨
Do not put a full stop where God hasn’t put one✨go back out a comma✨
I’d like to share my Saturday with you:
Yesterday I was feeling tired yet I felt unable to rest as I had things to do in order to prepare to meet my family and I also needed to complete some household chores which would ease my week to come.
I was late to meet my sister. When I met her she was cool and calm and said: “Dee, why are you rushing, we get there when we get there”. This statement was so powerful and impacted me like a lightening bolt. As I filled my car with petrol I reflected on her statement and realised that there was absolutely nothing I could do to get us to where we were going at the time we had previously agreed to get there as that time had indeed passed and we could NEVER get it back. It was at this point that I relaxed and no longer focused on getting to our destination quickly but instead enjoying the journey with my family.
Later, surrounded by family and friends, I encouraged my daughter to fulfil one of her dreams and sing in front of an audience… WELL!!!! 😭😭
Not only did Naysa sing, she touched people✨, she was able to move them to tears…..a gift I believe channeled directly from source✨
I rose to my knees, I  could not contain myself, I rose to my feet and jumped again and again with tears in my eyes and pride in my heart for the blessing I had experienced✨✨✨
I went on to have an AMAZING evening, dancing like I had 10 pounds in weight to lose💃🏾
I felt a blessing showering down on me to the point that my daughter later asked me what was wrong? I was able to reply that everything was right with me: “I am blessed, you blessed me, my family blessed me, the most high has blessed me and for that I give thanks”.
Had I continued to rush on the wet dark roads I may never had made it to my destination!!
I had a work out last night💃🏾that even in its energetic motion, reminded me to slow down and enjoy the journey🙏🏿to not put one✨
go back out a comma✨