Just give me chocolate

Just give me chocolate
Give it to me now
I don’t give a damn if it contains milk from a cow
I just cannot resist that chocolatey mist that quenches my fix!
Fixing that craving
Feeling like there’s something I’ve been saving for a special moment!
Malteasers my main pleasers, that dreamy, melty, meltiness got me creating new words to describe my passion for this craving feeling like there’s something I’ve been saving!
Get out of my way
Trolley rage! As I can’t find the dam V! V for Vegan telling me it’s ok and fits in with this maaaadness (no typo) as I said before I’m creating words to describe this maaaadness I’m feeling! I just can’t be dealing
Get out my way before I punch you in your f****** face!
Can’t you see I need to chase this craving enabling me to fix this itch that I just can’t resist!
Sorry did I just punch you in your face as you called me mad!
Dang that’s real sad that you don’t get it!
Then let me spell it out!
PPMT M = Pre, present, menstrual Tension Maaaadness
Making me feel like a banshee! Wailing about the death of her former self!
Cool calm and collected self!
Measures, sensible, approachable self!
May I suggest you just don’t approach unless you have that fix I just can’t resist!
F****** hell this is what an addict feels like on a good day! Knowing they’ll get what they need to feel ok!
Raiding the cupboard to find something anything creamy, smooth and chocolatey!!
F*** being vegan 
Lindt you’re my master chocolatier💕💕🤤💃🏾
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