It’s Mother’s Day

You arrange with the family that you will have some much needed ‘me time’. You plan to enjoy a nice relaxing bath, catch up on your reading, listen to some music and just chill.

You’ve run the bath, your favourite album is playing in the background, you’ve lit the scented candles you were given this morning.

Ahh bliss. Perfect.

Then suddenly, you’re summoned downstairs by your daughters panicked screams:

“Mum, it’s the cat, the cats not well! Your husband stands by helplessly as the poor mog lays limp on the floor. Only one thought running through your head; ‘really’?!!”

You take a deep breath, and start giving the team instructions. One closes the door to keep the cat safe inside, the other gets the number for the vet, Dad is tasked with finding the insurance papers, while you get the pet carrier ready for transport…


Great, all is calm….so, you return to your tranquil place, when yet another interruption emerges from downstairs:

“So we’re taking the cat to the vet. Can you finish the dinner please darling and sorry but I haven’t had time to wash the dishes”.


Great, again all is calm……you’ve put the oven on as low as possible. Washed the dishes (as you can’t bear to see them lying about dirty), swept and mopped the floors… Short of washing the windows and putting another load of clothes on to wash, you return to your tranquil place…

The family return, the cat is staying overnight at the vets, what a relief, one less worry this afternoon.

But, where’s the party invitation for your sons friends party…

“In the calendar,” you shout, as the tension starts to build. Breath, breath you say to yourself.

“Have you bought the present?”

“It’s in the living room!” you scream

By now you’re looking round for the cameras to check whether you’re being PUNKED as this really can’t be happening.


You raise your hands to your head and pray, please make it stop!!

By now your tranquil place is no longer tranquil as you’re now feeling stressed and irritable.


The point is that LIFE DOES HAPPEN, and there are just some things we have no control over. So lets learn to be mindful and be in the moment, so we don’t lose the opportunity to be still and tranquil. It makes riding the waves so much easier, and next Mother’s Day……..BOOK A SPA!!