Are you ready to fall in love with yourself?


Self Love is an Art, with roots in family, culture & life experiences. Treat yourself to a creative, interactive workshop.

We will explore:

If possible, please leave the rest of your day free to put your learning into action. We will then return on Sunday for a check-in.

Check out my introductory video!

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Are you ready ?

Saturday 26th June 10am – 3pm      
Sunday 27th June 1pm – 3pm

Workshop Only: £66.61

Workshop + Scatter Affirmation Cards: £76.61 

Scatter Affirmation Cards


Do you want to use affirmations to support your self-love journey?
Fed up of Post-it Notes falling off the fridge?

RRP £15.55 only  –  £10 on registration

FREE Workbook & Bespoke Self-Love 

Crystal bracelet or rope to each participant

– Courtesy of Unsworth Designs