The Impact Of Racism Is Silence

Where does it go when it sits heavy on your chest?

Where does it go?

Where does it go when you’re not seen as equal to the rest?

Where does it go?

How do you carry the pressure it brings?

Do you laugh? Do you grin?

How do you carry the state that you’re in?

Why should you do it again and again? Why should you stand up, only to get knocked down, again?

What do you say when the words, thoughts and feelings clench your jaw shut?

Like Houdini they escape you without a trace and your chase and chase.

Picking up the pace, damming thoughts escape without a trace, you fear ridicule, slander and hate.

Others push you around the Triangle, from Victim to Persecutor, from Victim to Persecutor, yet there is no rescue.

So you organise alone.


Written By Dee Albert