Did you sleep last night?
Did you toss and turn? Watch the hours burn.
Were you thinking about the things to do on your things to do list.
Were you wondering what the outcome of the meeting would be that was scheduled to discuss the last meeting.
Did you go to bed tired of being tired?
Did you think you may have slept for at least a while?
Did you find your self trying to figure out if you slept at all?
And if you did, why did you not feel it all!
No wonder you’re not sleeping!
Turn the phone and TV off before bed!
Listen to instrumental music (classical or spa music works for me).
Breath in peace and breath out the stresses of your day.
Breath in relaxation.
Breath out today.
Breath in sleep.
Breath out the things to do about the things to do.
Breath in sleep.
Breath in slee…
Breath in sle…..
Breath in sl…….
Breath in S…Zzzzzzz